Gillette Stadium

Club Level Side Seating at Gillette Stadium Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

The Putnam Club seats might not be as close as it gets for a traditional performance at Gillette Stadium, however these seats still make for a very good option for concerts. Fans will enjoy the wider, plush seating found in these premium sections, and will also have a private, upscale concourse area.

Club sections 13 and 28 are intriguing options due to their proximity to the stage for a traditional setup as well as the smaller seating rows (just 12 seats in most rows), however some of the views here might feel as if they are too far to the side of the stage. Opt for the lower numbered seats when sitting in Putnam Club 13, or the higher numbered seats if sitting in Putnam Club 28.

The safest, and usually the best options on the Club Level for a traditional setup will be to stick with seats in either Club Sections 11-12 or 29-30. You wont have to worry as much about side angle views here during a performance featuring the standard setup, and you will still feel close to the action.

Most Putnam Club sections feature 23 numbered rows of seating, beginning with row 1 at the very front. Concourse entry tunnels are located at the top of the sections, leaving the longer walks for fans in the lower numbered seating rows.  -

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