Georgia Dome

Georgia Dome 100 Level Center


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Located on the lowest tier of the Georgia Dome and running the length of the sidelines is the 100 Level Center seating location. Comprised of 6 sections on north side of the stadium (113-118) and 6 sections on the south side of the stadium (133-138), this location offers some of the best center court views with the additional benefit of being located closer to the court. Riser style seating has been added to in front of the normal section set up to accommodate more fans during the 2013 NCAA tournament. Sections in the 100 Level Center will have 88 rows in each, with row A being closest to the court and row 36 being furthest. Rows run front to back from row A to Z, then followed by rows AA to ZZ, and ending with rows 1 through 36.  -