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Thunder Cox Club Level Seats at Chesapeake Energy Arena

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Cox Club Level Features & Amenities

Wrapping around the arena on the second tier of seating, the Cox Club Level is a great place to sit to watch a Thunder game at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The views are elevated which allows viewers to easily see the court, and the premium club benefits create an upscale feel. Club amenities during Thunder games include access to the club level concourse with private lounges and upscale restaurant options as well as the use of a private entrance to avoid the crowds.

Club Level Lower Terrace Sections

While the Lower Terrace sections have some of the more difficult views from the Club level due to their positioning behind the baskets, these will also be some of the smallest seating options in the arena. The ultra premium terrace ledge areas are located at the back rows of the sections here, leaving just 5 lettered rows of seating in each Club Level Lower Terrace section.

Ticketholders in this area will also be treated to premium club amenities which include access to upscale lounge areas and premium food and beverage options. With the smallest seating area of any option, premium club benefits, and straight ahead views with minimal head turning, tickets here are a great option for fans who want a comfortable atmosphere when taking in a basketball game.

Club Level Corner Sections

From the corners of the Club level fans will have excellent viewing height for following the action on the court, as well as comfortable views which don't require much head turning to follow the play up and down the court.

Sections 225-228 are closest to the Thunder team bench, however you will be left with a view of the backs of the players. For a clear view of the home team bench, opt for seats in the opposite corner (Sections 210-213) where you will have a line of sight to the front of the bench and won't have the basket support in the way.

Club Level Corner sections have no more than 8 lettered rows of seating in each section, which allows for quick and easy trips to and from the seats. Fans here will also enjoy a more premium experience from being on the Club level, with access to upscale lounge areas and upgraded food and beverage options.

Club Level Center Sections

Views near center court, some of the best elevation for watching the game, and exclusive club benefits ... you might have a tough time finding a better all around experience than here in the Club Level Center sections.

Getting to and from the seats is a breeze as no section has more than 8 lettered rows in each, and with lounge areas exclusively for use by Club Level ticketholders, you won't have nearly as many other fans to battle for restroom and concession lines. Private arena entrances add to the convenience, making it far easier to get to and from before and after the game.

Any seat here will have great views of all areas of the game from a near perfect elevation, however we prefer the seats in Sections 207-209 where you can also enjoy a head on view of the team benches.

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Comfy + great view!"

      (Section 221) - -

      I absolutely loved this section at Chesapeake Energy Arena! Located on the club level of the stadium, section 221 was near the corner of the stadium behind the visitor bench. What was great was the extra comfortable seats. I’m not sure if this is something new all the stadiums are doing nowadays b...

    • "Great"

      (Section 225) - -

      The only complaint I have is that the rows are too close together. You had to get up every time some one wanted in and out, all before the start and during the game. No leg room either.

    • "Obstructed view due to television cameras"

      (Section 208) - -

      These seats theoretically have great views. However, on the night we went there were television cameras directly in front of us that obstructed our view of the court. I don't know if these are present at every game but I would definitely find out before purchasing. Fortunately, we were able to go...

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