Camping World Stadium

Camping World Stadium Terrace Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Terrace Level Sideline seating is located on the highest tier of Camping World Stadium. Running along each of the sidelines, fans will experience a more aerial view of the action with good sight lines to both ends of the field. Sections in this location have 34 rows of seating running from Row A (closest) to Row HH (furthest). Take note that Row AA is located behind Row Z.  -

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    • "Fence Obstructs View"

      (Section 231) - -

      Thought these were gonna be great, but was disappointed!!!! There is a chain link fence railing and the top bar is at eye level. (I am 6' tall) You either had to sit real tall to see over or crouch down and look through chain link. Very disappointed for the price I paid!!!!!

    • "Watching Game Through Cyclone Fence"

      (Section 232) - -

      Excellent seat midfield if you like watch game through cyclone fence when seated. Never seen anything like this. View is excellent when standing.

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