Camping World Stadium

Camping World Stadium Plaza Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

From the middle seating tier, the Plaza level sideline sections offer excellent views near midfield and an optimal viewing height for being able to see all areas of the field.

With fewer rows per section (no more than 20 lettered rows in each - starting with Row A in front) these seats are a great option for fans that prefer easy access to and from their seats during a football game.

These sections are also among the best for finding shade at Camping World Stadium, with the overhanging Terrace Level deck providing the best protection in the higher rows near midfield.

Many seats in sections near midfield will come with club amenities. All clubs have wider, more comfortable seating and access to private restrooms. The front rows of sections P33-P35 and P7-P9 will be a part of the CenterState Club which have an extra benefit of a climate controlled concourse to help fans escape and inclement weather.

All other seats in sections P6-P10 and P32-P36 will be a part of the Open-Air Club.  -

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