Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

"First Row of Seats in 203"

Seat Review From Section 203, Row NN
Jun 2018


There's handicapped seating in front of these. Otherwise there is a ton of leg room. But the drawback is being right behind the walkway. Lots of people moving about.

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  • "This vs. Lawn"

    (Section 207) - -

    Unless you absolutely have to be covered, save your money and buy a lawn seat.

  • "Comfortable Suite Seats"

    (Section 207) - -

    Don't like having to look through the railing, but this was a pretty nice spot near the center. 200 level suites are the way to go!

  • "Near the front of the back half of covered seats / unobstructed view!"

    (Section 207) - -

    Covered seats, no obstruction of stage in this section, half-way between stage and lawn. If the price is right, give these seats a go!

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