Fenway Park

"Somewhat obstructed view"

Seat Review From Grandstand 22, Row 13, Seat 22
Jan 2011


Somewhat obstructed view. Crowd was not very lively and turned around to comment to us that we were being too loud when we were cheering.

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    Avoided the Pesky Grandstand Obstructions!

    Jun 2016

    Grandstand 22, Row 8, Seat 8

    The only place where the beams impact the view from this section and row is if you're sitting in seats 1 through 4, otherwise you don't have to worry about having an obnoxious obstruction in your way. Head on views of the pitchers mound, batters box, and center field scoreboard were very good, although being behind home plate means the protecting netting took away any shot I had at a foul ball souvenir. Legroom is lacking, not great for a 6 footer like myself. But my seat was very safely covered and incredibly shady during a hot summer day game.

    No beam issues from Row 1

    Grandstand 22, Row 1

    A seat in Row 1 of Grandstand 22 will ensure a clear view to the field. Fans in row 2 and higher will struggle to see the catcher and batter from seats near the right side of the section.

    Batters box blockout on the right

    Grandstand 22, Row 2-18

    Unless you were lucky enough to get a seat in Row 1, you'll struggle to see pretty much anything around home plate with a seat near the right aisle due to the support beam.

    • "Obstructed view"

      (Grandstand 25) - -

      Seats 123 are obstructed view of either home plate 1st base or both

    • "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Boston Red Sox - Aug 11, 2019"

      (Grandstand 25) -
    • "The charm of Fenway Park is not so charming"

      (Grandstand 18) - -

      Seats are about as uncomfortable as it gets - certainly keeping the area chiropractors in business. View of home plate and infield is outstanding. View of the outfield is a green support beam. Other seats in this row are better. But seats 3-8 are terrible. Nice shade here though.

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