Fenway Park

"Texas Rangers at Boston Red Sox - Jun 10, 2019"

Seat Review From Loge Box 137, Row AA   Verified Customer
Jun 2019


Seats are great but is in front of walkway and at times people would chat and take pictures but was clear most of the game.

Best for... watching the game

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    Perfect Viewing Position!

    Jun 2016

    Loge Box 137, Row JJ, Seat 3

    For me, these seats are at an ideal viewing height for watching the game. I've sat in the Field Box seats before which are closer to the action, but the seating there is very low to the ground and I prefer more elevation as it makes it easier to follow the action anywhere on the field. Only 7 seats in the row, so I could easily get in to the seat from either aisle. One of the big things here is that I was under the roof of the upper seating deck, so during a mid-day start I was comfortably in the shade by about 3 or 4 rows. Protective netting prevents most foul balls from making it to the seats, which is good if you're worried about getting hit by a ball, but not ideal if you're looking to catch a souvenir. Close to an entry tunnel just one section over, comfortable seats, and no obstructed

    • "Great seats"

      (Loge Box 141) - -

      Great seats, good view of the field and the pitcher/batters. Day games you're in the shade.

    • "Great seats great people"

      (Loge Box 124) - -

      In my opinion the best place to sit at fenway is on the first base line looking at the green monster.

    • "Really Enjoyed the Shade and Breeze"

      (Loge Box 139) - -

      Great for access as my seat was on the aisle and there was just 4 seats in the row so that meant less getting up to allow other fans in the row to reach the aisle. Nicely in the shade during a 1PM start in the middle of June, and a really nice breeze coming through to top it all off. Viewing ...

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