Fenway Park

"Partial obstruction"

Seat Review From Grandstand 23, Row 2, Seat 15
Aug 2014


Left field/baseline obstructed by lally column.

Best for... being in the shade

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    Not bad.

    Aug 2014

    Grandstand 23, Row 2, Seat 14

    Good view. Next to seat 15 which has a partially obstructed view.

    Money wasted

    Aug 2017

    Grandstand 23, Row 3, Seat 15

    Smack dab behind a pole.

    Grandstand 23, Row 17, Seat 2

    Couldn't see the pitcher, the batter, or the entire right side of the field.

    Safely infront of the pillar

    Grandstand 23, Row 1

    All seats in Grandstand Section 23 Row 1 will be safely infront of the support pillar, allowing clear views to the infield.

    Issues on the left side

    Grandstand 23, Row 2-16

    Seats on the left half of the section will unfortunately have to contend with a support beam for a view of the pitchers mound and batters box. Instead, choose seats near the right side of the section for safer views of the entire infield.

    • "Avoided the Pesky Grandstand Obstructions!"

      (Grandstand 22) - -

      The only place where the beams impact the view from this section and row is if you're sitting in seats 1 through 4, otherwise you don't have to worry about having an obnoxious obstruction in your way. Head on views of the pitchers mound, batters box, and center field scoreboard were very good, al...

    • "Great straight view"

      (Grandstand 15) - -

      No obstructions of infield. Pole to the right blocked some of the scoreboard, but no problem. Perfect for looking straight and not having to sit sideways. Under the canopy. Photos I uploaded are not zoomed to show accurate seating and angles.

    • "The charm of Fenway Park is not so charming"

      (Grandstand 18) - -

      Seats are about as uncomfortable as it gets - certainly keeping the area chiropractors in business. View of home plate and infield is outstanding. View of the outfield is a green support beam. Other seats in this row are better. But seats 3-8 are terrible. Nice shade here though.

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