Fenway Park

"Great place to feel a part of the game."

Seat Review From Field Box 40, Row A, Seats 1 and 2
May 2014


The seats were four rows back of the field and between home plate and the on-deck circle. It was the first time I've been close enough to hear every pitch hit the mitt and every hit crack.

The Red Sox got pummeled, but the view was great, being just outside the edge of the protective netting. Only the view of third base was obstructed by the umpire and players at the plate, but otherwise a full field of view.

Great way to see the players up close and also see the entire field.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action, impressing a guest

Avoid if... you are cheering for the away team

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    Field level awesomeness

    Jun 2016

    Field Box 40, Row E

    Eight rows behind home plate. It's like being on the field. Unbelievable spot for a Red Sox game. Sun is a bit hot here and the iverheqd screen means no balls are getting through. But I guess that's the sacrifice you make for sitting so close.

    Front of sections 9-79 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 9-79. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

    • "Great view of entire infield and Red Sox players returning to the dugout"

      (Field Box 25) - -

      May be difficult for young fans to see since you're essentially at field level.

    • "New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox - Sep 7, 2019"

      (Field Box 25) -
    • "Best seats ever!"

      (Field Box 65) - -

      Been to many games at many parks....These were great seats It didn't hurt that Seattle scored 5 in the ninth to beat the Red Sox being we are Seattle fans!

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