Fenway Park

"Really Good for an Upper Deck"

Seat Review From Pavilion Box 5, Row C
Jun 2016


Fenway is a smaller ballpark, so even though we were in some of the highest seats, the views were still very good and it didn't feel far from the field.

Excellent line of sight right down to the pitchers mound, and we had amazing straight away views of the Green Monster - I must admit it was a fun place to watch a few White Sox home runs as they traveled above the Monster. A concession stand was incredibly close (right outside our section), which featured a really good lobster roll and super short lines.

The only complaint I had was the obnoxious fans who were two rows behind us. Sure, we were rooting for the visiting White Sox and got a few snide comments which we expected, but they were also applauding ecstatically when White Sox hitters got hit by pitches and appeared hurt.

But otherwise, these seats were a really good value considering the high ticket prices at Fenway!

Best for... watching the game, partying/socializing

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