Fenway Park

"I'd Rather Sit Behind a Pole in the Grandstand"

Seat Review From Field Box 7, Row H, Seat 8
Jun 2016


A week later I'm still sore from sitting in these seats. After a four and a half hour extra inning marathon, my back is sore from squirming to see and my tan shows no sign of disappearing.

If you were to sit in your seat and look forward, you would look directly at the edge of the Green Monster. In other words, these seats are really poorly angled towards home plate. To see, you have to turn your entire body or neck completely sideways. Once your finally accomplish that feat, you have to look over a million people - only to be staring right at the first base coach. That last part is just bad luck, but do yourself a favor and find seats with a better angle. I've sat all over Fenway and these are easily the worst seats.

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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    Difficult To Watch the Infield

    Jun 2016

    Field Box 7, Row H, Seat 7

    When I walked into our entry tunnel, I was pretty excited to be sitting to so close to the field at Fenway Park and also thought we might have a pretty good chance at a foul ball from where we were. Sadly however, the seats turned out to be a big let down. Firstly, the seats are way too shallow to the field, making it very hard to see the infield over the fans in front. I was constantly trying to move forward to try and watch the ball as it made its way to from the pitcher to home plate. The seating angle was incredibly poor as well, as we were facing left center field rather than angled back towards the infield. This setup causes you to turn your head a ton to the left to watch the pitchers mound and batters box, which ultimately resulted in a really stiff upper back the next day after the game. Luckily we got some cloud cover during the second half of the extra innings game, otherwise I would have been toast in spite of putting on sunscreen prior to the game (there is little relief in terms of shade here during day games). Overall, I can't say I would recommend these seats to anyone given the incredibly uncomfortable seating setup and very difficult infield views.

    • "Much better than expected"

      (Right Field Box 94) - -

      For being so far down the line, these are actually pretty good. Bad angle to home plate, but quality view of the outfield - especially RF.

    • "My favorite seats at Fenway"

      (Field Box 1) - -

      Touch the field, smell the grass, talk to the players on field and in the bull pin. Close to beer!

    • "NOT FRONT ROW SEATS.........."

      (Field Box 71) - -

      Don't get me wrong, these are great seats close to the field. BUT, they are NOT front row seats. There was row added (row 1) in front of row A. So if you're paying a premium and expecting front row seats, you'll be disappointed.

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