Fenway Park

"Long row, cool experience"

Seat Review From Bleachers 36, Row 12, Seat 6
Jun 2016


Pretty cool view of the field from back here. Can pretty much see all of the field except deep CF right in front of you.

Great look at press box and Fenway park sign.

No videoboard and no head on view of green monster. But pretty good overall.

Best for... fans on a budget, partying/socializing, Catching a home run

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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    • "Close to the Red Sox Bullpen!"

      (Bleachers 41) - -

      Just fifteen rows from from the BoSox bullpen. Shallow seating so you feel almost at field level. Views of home plate are far, but you can easily see the green monster and most of its scoreboard. Best thing may have been how close they are to the concourse tunnel. Just a few steps down and you...

    • "As far as you can get"

      (Bleachers 37) - -

      These seats aren't really all that bad, they're just about as far from home plate as you can get. Just below the scoreboard, you get a really classic look at Fenway Park. Good seats for just hanging out, but you will be walking up a lot of stairs!

    • "Great seats for being part of Fenway"

      (Bleachers 40) - -

      Deep center field, almost against the wall that separates a home run from a 420 foot double. Awesome just for the experience. Only handicapped row in front, then the Red Sox bullpen and the field. So cool!

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