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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The Loge level wraps almost entirely around the lower level of Fenway Park. As you get closer to the foul poles, ticket prices decrease compared to seats near the infield. Despite a lower price tag, these seats still offer good value and unobstructed views.

Each of these sections begins about 15 rows from the field with row AA at the front of each section. Some fans prefer this row because no one is sitting in front of you. But others will be distracted by patrons in the walkway in front of this row. If you feel this may be a an issue, consider sitting slightly higher - perhaps row CC and above.

Comparing the third base side (157-165) to the first base side (98-106):
- Third base sections have a better angle to home plate
- First base sections have a head-on view of the Green Monster
- Third base sections are shaded well before the first base side
- First base sections have a slightly better view of the scoreboard  - RateYourSeats.com

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox - Jul 15, 2019"

      (Loge Box 161) -
    • "Fenway's Finest!"

      (Loge Box 157) - -

      If you're looking for a comfortable seat with amazing views, this is where you'll find it! Loge Box 157 is the first Loge level section down the third base line where the seats begin to angle towards the infield instead of just facing straight ahead towards the right field wall. Fans in the se...

    • "Simply excellent "

      (Loge Box 101) - -

      Forget about worrying about obstructed views. You're not getting em here. Nothing but clear sidelines to every angle of the field. One tip in the field boxes, wit a couple rows up. There is so much foot traffic in the walkway that row AA seems to be blocked all the time. Row EE was great!

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