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Pavilion box seats at Fenway Park are located directly behind Pavilion Club seats. Each section includes less than five rows, with Row A being closer to the front of the section.

Although these seats don't get the same attention as the club seats directly in front of them, we think these seats provide good value. Each section is covered and shaded and the views are far superior to what you'll get from the Grandstand in the lower level.

It's worth noting that these sections are labeled as box seats, but the seats are the same as you'll find in the rest of the ballpark. The lone exception are the barstools that are set up against a ledge.   - RateYourSeats.com

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Really Good for an Upper Deck"

      (Pavilion Box 5) - -

      Fenway is a smaller ballpark, so even though we were in some of the highest seats, the views were still very good and it didn't feel far from the field. Excellent line of sight right down to the pitchers mound, and we had amazing straight away views of the Green Monster - I must admit it was a f...

    • "Great Convenience and Skyline Backdrop"

      (Pavilion Box 8) - -

      Excellent shade during a midday game, and some good breeze as well. Bar rail seating just above so I was a bit worried something might get spilled on me, but luckily that was never the case. Concession stand right behind the seats, so at 2 seats from the aisle and just 2 rows down from the top, ...

    • "Great view"

      (Pavilion Box 3) - -

      SRO but a bar to lean on and easy to scout out seats to take later in the game

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