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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Sitting behind the baskets of FedEx Forum's lower seating level will have frustrating views due to their positioning behind the baskets and within close proximity. If possible, be sure to avoid the higher numbered seats in Sections 101 and 110, as well as the lower numbered seats in Sections 109 and 118 - these seats are some of the closest to being directly behind the hoop where the views are most limited.

Behind the east basket, Sections 109 and 110 are on the main lower level, while Sections 109A and 110A sit at the front of the second tier and just in front of the club boxes. On the other end of the arena, Sections 101 and 118 are the largest of any, beginning with single lettered rows at the front (Row A), and double lettered rows at the back (Row KK). Entry tunnels are located near the very top, so fans closer to the court will be left with one of the longest walks to get to and from the seats.  -

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    • "Great view looking down onto the court. Close to concessions and bathrooms!"

      (Section 118) - -

      Great seats, very comfortable, great view looking down onto the court. Close proximity to bathrooms and concessions! Highly recommend these seats!!

    • "Good seats, easy to watch the game"

      (Section 118) -

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