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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Corner seating on the lower (Plaza) level at FedEx Forum has some of the largest sections in the arena, extending across multiple tiers in some areas. At the east corners, Sections 107-108 and 111-112 are where you'll find traditional lower tier views, while Sections 107A-108A and 111A-112A sit on the next level up, offering a similar view as the adjacent sideline and baseline club sections.

As there is no club level seating at the west baseline end of the arena, corner sections on the lower level there have a much different feel. Instead of the seating being broken up into two separate tiers, the sections extend from near court level to the front of the suite level (which sits just below the upper level sections). Rows AA and higher feel similar to being on a second seating tier, while the single lettered rows are closer to the court but much further from the entry tunnels at Row DD.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Conveniently located on Plaza Level"

      (Section 116A) - -

      Near food concessions and restrooms. Great view of the court and players.

    • "Great seats!"

      (Section 112A) - -

      Seats had a good view of the court for reasonable amount of money. Front row made them even better. Very close to bathrooms and food/drinks.

    • "Great price for location"

      (Section 116) -

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