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Floor Seats For FedEx Forum Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

The floor for a traditional end stage performance at FedEx Forum consists of sections 1-3 at the front, sections 4-6 near the middle of the floor, and sections 7 and 9 at the back of the floor. While not a part of the typical end stage layout due to the position of the mixing booth, you can commonly find floor section 8 located between sections 7 and 9 during a number of shows at FedEx Forum.

Sections 2 and 5 are excellent options for an end stage layout if you are looking for a head on view to the center of action, and with most rows having 14 seats in each, seats 7-8 put you in the best position. On the right side of the floor (sections 1, 4, 7) the higher numbered seats keep you closer to the center of the stage, while on the left side (sections 3, 6, 7) you will be closer when sitting in the higher numbered seats.

Not all performances will have the traditional end stage layout, so be sure to confirm the exact floor seating configuration for your event. Some shows might feature a full general admission standing room only floor, where spots are filled up on a first come first basis. Most (but not all) performances at FedEx Forum have a doors opening time one hour prior, and we recommend arriving as early as possible if you are on the floor when seating is general admission.  -

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