"Stay in the first ten rows"

Seat Review From Section 215, Row 10, Seat 25
Aug 2013


If you sat six rows back from here, your view of the field would be in jeopardy. But if you're in the first ten rows, you have a really good view of the entire field from a really good height. And with the seats being covered, you never have to worry about the sun pounding down or the rain threatening your seats.

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    75% view

    Dec 2012

    Section 215, Row 19, Seat 24

    Seats were decent other than the column in the way.

    Corner seat, but good view

    Sep 2018

    Section 215, Row 7, Seat 5

    I was in section 215 row 7 seat 5, and this was at the corner section of the field and the view was actually pretty good. I was high enough where I could see the entire field, albeit on an angle, but I did not have to strain my neck to watch the action.

    • "Worst seats ever! Big support beam in the way!"

      (Section 216) - -

      This seat was absolutely terrible! The ticket was cheap and that should have been the red flag. There was a huge support beam directly in front of me and my view was terrible for the game! Never sitting higher than row 13 in the north 200 level at FedEx Field. Bad obstruction, you've been warned!

    • "No obstructions. Near Aisle"

      (Section 115) - -

      Seat 18 is last seat in the row so it was an easy out. The view from the corner section is good not great.

    • "Close to Tunnel"

      (Section 107) - -

      This seat was 3 seats from the aisle and two small steps to be out the tunnel. Perfect.