"No problems seeing the field"

Seat Review From Section 219, Row 16, Seat 16
Aug 2013


The general rule of thumb in the 200 level is to be in the first 12 rows. Section 219 is good through at least row 16. You can see the whole field without a problem and you're still covered from above. The only thing you can't see are punts and the crystal clear videoboards. There is a TV monitor in front of you though, so that serves as a convenient replacement.

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    Perfect on a Hot Day

    Sep 2018

    Section 219, Row 11

    I wouldn't sit any higher than this row in the 200s. But this was pretty good - covered but not obstructed. Fairly clear views of field and screens.

    Section 219 row 21 seat 4 are obstructed view seats

    Section 219, Row 21, Seat 4

    The seller does not disclose that in his postings on stub hub. These are $29.00 face tickets that he is selling for $150, the same price as much better tickets for the same price.

    • "Midfield, excellent view and covered!"

      (Section 221) - -

      These seats were great, I was at midfield and had beautiful sightlines, and it was a plus that my seats were completely covered and in the shade!

    • "Best for visiting team fans"

      (Section 119) - -

      These seats are on the visitor side of the field at the 13 yardline. You get a pretty good view of the whole field and the videoboard seems so close and clear from here. Row 22 is really close to the tunnel, but there are 27 seats in each row so you may have to climb over people/get climbed over ...

    • "Excellent Experience"

      (Section 138) -