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Seat Review From Section 221, Row 12, Seats 3-4
Sep 2014


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    Jun 2014

    Section 221, Row 23, Seats 17-28

    Bought tickets for family and friends to see the Spain vs. El Salvador soccer game and what an embarrassment. These seats should not exist, all you could see was from sideline to sideline...not even the team benches were visible w/o crouching down...not to mention the pillar that took away a good 30 yards of field view. You can't see the big screen, any scoreboard...anything except the pathetic little TV's and sewage pipes hanging down from the upper deck.

    Could't see the middle of the field

    Nov 2013

    Section 221, Row 20, Seat 11

    I paid too much that was my fault, but the picture showing the view doesn't have a huge cement post in the middle of it like my view was. I couldn't see from the 35 yard line to the 40 yard line of the opposite side of the field, not impressed. From our seats you lost site of long passes and kicks because of the over hang. During half time we moved to the 300 hundred level and the view was way better, the next time i go i will definitely get tickets at that level and not in section 221!

    Midfield, excellent view and covered!

    Sep 2018

    Section 221, Row 12, Seat 16

    These seats were great, I was at midfield and had beautiful sightlines, and it was a plus that my seats were completely covered and in the shade!

    Right at the 50, but views not the best

    Sep 2018

    Section 221, Row 23, Seat 27

    I was in section 221 for the Marlyand vs Texas game, but in the last row of the section. I was pretty far back from the field and the views weren't the best because I couldn't see everything because of the overhang. I will say that there were TVs broadcasting the game and that helped somewhat. Next time I'll try to get a seat in a lower row.


    Dec 2019

    Section 221, Row 16, Seats 10-11-12-13

    I purchased 4 seats to take my family to their first NFL game and 2 of the seats should not be sold. They have a concrete pillar/structure that is about 3ft wide & 6 inches from my face. So 2 of us had to stand to watch the game. I got robbed for 2 of the seats. It’s a DISGRACE that they are allowed to sell them. Section 221 seats 10-11-12-13. 12 and 13 should be REMOVED.

    • "Clear sight lines at the 40"

      (Section 122) - -

      Located just outside the 40 yard line, these seats had a great view of the entire field as well as the visiting team sideline just in front. Great viewing angle to midfield, however it was kind of awkward to view the scoreboards for replays as they far away from the primary field of vision and it t...

    • "Map is incorrect!"

      (Section 125) - -

      Although I loved my seats I went through a lot of trouble to get them! Rate my seats has FedEx field's map backwards. So initially I brought tickets in section 104 thinking I was going to be behind the patriots bench (that was the only reason I was going to the game!) come to find out 104 is on t...

    • "Scoring plays right here"

      (Section 117) - -

      Smack dab in the middle of the endzone. These are really close nice seats. Seat 12 was in the middle of the row though.