"Zone Club Seats"

Seat Review From Zone B Club 338, Row 14
Sep 2018


It was a blazing hot day and there were two distinct advantages in having these seats.

First, this row was in the shade once the game started. I'd say that sitting in rows 10 and above in the club on this side are probably good for shade.

Second, being able to go into the air conditioned club was a big relief. The club is nice with a lot of places to sit and different themed areas. However, the food choices are absolutely horrible. Just your basic stadium food. Nothing you can't get sitting in a regular section. This was a major disappointment compared to the other NFL clubs I've been in.

From section 338 the view is pretty good. You're seated at the endzone, but the seats are slightly turned so you can see most of the field comfortably.

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    Club Level Seats Home Side

    Sep 2018

    Zone B Club 338, Row 14, Seat 13

    Best Club in the NFL. Great areas for hanging out before the game. Seats aren't bad either.

    • "50 Yardline Spot"

      (Zone A Club 322) - -

      Great legroom here in the first row. Super comfortable view of the field. But why aren't my seats padded? This is the club level, after all. The club inside is really nice though.

    • "Comfortable Seats at the Goal Line"

      (Zone B Club 318) - -

      Just a really nice spot to watch a football game from. This row and about 2 more in front are covered.

    • "Like Watching on TV"

      (Zone A Club 301) - -

      Twenty yardline. Even had a little bit of shade once the sun popped out. Camera guy sits just below the next section over.