"Great View Down the Field"

Seat Review From Zone D Club 313, Row 6, Seat 16
Sep 2018


Cool spot. Can't really tell how many yards a play gained, but you can really see it develop.

Also, really good view of the visitor sideline.

Best for... fans of the oppposing team

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    • "Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins - Dec 15, 2019"

      (Zone D Club 308) - -

      Seats were exactly what we expected! Section 308 actually had a better view than the pics I research online. Plus, we had Club access, so was very convenient to stay warm at halftime! Tickets were easy to get electronically and transfer to the other people I attended with! Would definitely use ...

    • "Aisle Seats Behind the Glass"

      (Zone D Club 315) - -

      The aisle seats in this row seem to have issues with the glass. Wasn't really a huge deal, but still kind of annoying.

    • "Nice Corner View"

      (Zone D Club 327) - -

      Great club. Good seats. Some have padding, others don't.