Seat Review From Section 229, Row 19, Seat 17
Sep 2013

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    While there was no support beams that were directly between my seat and the middle of the field, the view here is dramatically limited by the amount which the overhanging seating deck above cuts down the vertical viewing space. Deep high passes, field goals, and punts are impossible to see all the way other than on the super small TV monitors that they put in place to try and remedy this debacle. Adding more charm to these seats (sarcasm), was the chain link fence at the back that separated the section from the rest of the stadium, and not to mention the beat up diamond plate floors and filthy chairs that look like they've been around since the dinosaurs.

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    • "Good view of both sidelines and most of the field"

      (Section 127) - -

      The angle to the field when sitting in the seats as designed was not the best as you were left facing the 20 yard line instead of midfield. But I didn't mind leaning forward and to the right to enjoy the great views of the field from a very good height from the field level. Players at the near end...

    • "Stay in the first ten rows"

      (Section 215) - -

      If you sat six rows back from here, your view of the field would be in jeopardy. But if you're in the first ten rows, you have a really good view of the entire field from a really good height. And with the seats being covered, you never have to worry about the sun pounding down or the rain threateni...

    • "It was my first game ever... enjoyed the atmosphere but wish i could have seen the field better-"

      (Section 228) - -

      Map of seats portrayed differently that actual seats.

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