FedExField Lower Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Behind both endzones on the lowest level of FedEx Field, the 100 and 200 level sections here offer close views from behind the uprights, with head-on views to the videoboards located at the opposite endzone.

Fans should avoid Sections 213 and 230 whenever possible as obstructed views are common in the back rows. Support pillars and the low overhanging seating deck above make it very difficult to stay in touch with everything happening on the field.

With the entry tunnels located between the 100 and 200 level portion of this area, some of the best places to sit in the Lower Level Endzone will be the back rows of the 100 level sections, which have a good viewing height and easy access to the concourse.

Located behind the 100 level sections is the fan pavilion with a renovated bar where there are sight lines onto the playing field. Fans can hang out before or during the game at this bar located on the concourse. There will also be multiple T.V.'s in this area to catch action from around the league.  -

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    • "Cover Sucks"

      (Section 230) - -

      Whoever designed the sections under the covers should be ashamed. The cover hangs down so far that you cannot see the entire end zone, field goal and score board. One large speaker blocks the view even more. It's obvious they are just trying to pack people in. Once fans stand up to cheer you can't...

    • "Handrail in the way"

      (Section 209) - -

      These seats were in the first row of section 209, but I was in seat 18 and the hand rail did cause some obstruction, if I was taller it would be fine. Overall decent seats, but I would have paid less to get higher seats in the section.

    • "Feels Like You're in a Warehouse"

      (Section 213) - -

      You can pretty much see the whole field from these seats. You can see field goals come down on this side, though you can't see them at all on the other end. You can't see the big videoboards at all, but there are small TV monitors to help you out. This row is covered from above which is good on a...

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