FedExField Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

From the corners of the lower level, fans in this area will have very good views of the near endzone as it can be one of the best places to be during a scoring play. The Lower Level Corner consists of 100 level sections located almost up against the field, followed by the 200 level sections just behind.

Fans should be very cautious when searching for seats in the northeast and northwest corners (Sections 214-216 and 227-229) as there are heavy viewing obstructions in the back half of these seating areas. Support pillars and a low overhang make it difficult to follow most of the action on the field, creating a frustrating experience for watching a football game at Fedex Field.

Search for tickets in the 100 level sections for the best and safest views, and while you might pay a bit more than the 200 level options, you won't have to worry about your view being blocked.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Horrible! The advertised view was nothing like reality"

      (Section 216) - -

      Horrible! The advertised view on ticket master was awesome, it was nothing of the sort in reality! You are basically viewing a portion of the field through a narrow tunnel of light. You can’t see anything other than part of the field, you feel completely out of the game. Plus the screens they have...

    • "Stay in the first ten rows"

      (Section 215) - -

      If you sat six rows back from here, your view of the field would be in jeopardy. But if you're in the first ten rows, you have a really good view of the entire field from a really good height. And with the seats being covered, you never have to worry about the sun pounding down or the rain threateni...

    • "75% view"

      (Section 215) - -

      Seats were decent other than the column in the way.

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