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Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans at FedExField

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For a visiting team fan coming to FedEx Field for a football game, you will want to start off your search by focusing on the areas closest to the visiting team sideline (north sideline). Scoring a seat in sections 120-123 puts you right by midfield, and directly behind the visiting team bench for great views of the players when they're not on the field. Seats in the lower rows here keep you impressively close, but fans should take caution that some of the views may be difficult due to being so low to field level. Sitting higher in the sections (rows 19 and up) will get you the better overall view thanks to the additional elevation, but sacrifices the closer proximity to your team.

Just above the 100 level sections by the visiting team sideline, the lower rows of sections 219-224 are another great spot for fans of the opponents. You'll still feel close to your favorite players on the sideline, and have excellent sideline viewing angles. Just be sure to stick with rows 6 and lower where you'll find the best views and easiest access, and whatever you do, absolutely avoid rows 13 and higher at all costs due to the high likelihood of for viewing obstructions!

Should you find yourself working with a generous budget and want the end-all be-all of ultimate seats for a visiting team fan, look no further than Dream Seat sections 13-23. Loaded with premium benefits and being as close as it gets, these tickets are always among the priciest of all for football games at FedEx Field. Sideline Dream Seat sections 18-23 keep you right behind the opponent sideline, while Dream Seat sections 13, 14, and 17 put you right by the visiting team entry tunnel for a better chance at getting a high five. Even though the Dream Seats offer a truly incredible all around experience, be aware that the views are difficult when in one of the sideline options due to being so low to the field and behind the players.

If being near the team entry tunnel is something you enjoy as a visiting team fan, but you don't have the unlimited budget needed for a Dream Seat, consider searching in sections 113-114. The visitor's entry tunnel is located directly between these two sections, and fans in rows 8 and lower will have the best views of the players as they move between the field and the locker room. During the game, these seats will also provide a unique viewing angle down the visitors sideline allowing to keep tabs on your team at all times. Similarly, the lower rows (1-6) of sections 212-217 offer those unique views to the entry tunnel and the opponent sideline, but being a bit further up these seats will be more affordable. Again, just be sure to avoid any seat in rows 13 and higher when sitting in the 200 level!  -

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Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections 120, 121, 122 and more

Impressively close to the visiting team sideline

Desirable lower level sideline viewing perspective between the 20 yard lines

Sections 13, 14, 17 and more

No seat gets you closer to the visiting team players along the sideline!

Truly a one of a kind experience in the ultra-premium Dream Seats

Sections 113 and 114

Right by the visiting team entry tunnel!

Unique views down the visitors sideline

Rows 1-7 in Sections 212, 213, 214 and more

Good viewing angle down the opponent sideline

Not far from the visiting team entry tunnel

Safely in front of any obstruction in the first 6 rows

Rows 1-6 in Sections 219, 220, 221 and more

Midfield views along the visitor's sideline

At rows 1-6 you'll be safely in-front of the 200 level viewing obstructions

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