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Best Seats for Impressing a Guest at FedExField

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There might not be a better spot in all of football for an impressive experience than the rightfully named Dream Seats at FedEx Field. Located almost at field level, these sections not only get you closer to the players than you could have imagined, they also come packed with premium benefits for Redskins games. All-inclusive food and beverage, in-seat wait service, and should you be able to talk yourself into leaving your incredible spot right next to the field, you can also access the decked out Club level concourse which is climate controlled for comfort. Dream Seat sections 1-3 and 40-42 will put you right behind the home team sideline, while sections 19-24 have you directly behind the visitors. Tickets will always command top dollar here and although the views of the game might be difficult due to a lack of elevation, the top flight benefits and ridiculous proximity to the players on the sideline are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Want a premium experience but don't have the budget for the Dream Seats? Try searching in the Club level near midfield (sections 301-302, 320-323, and 341-342). You actually get a better view here than the Dream Seats thanks to the optimal viewing height, so these might be a better choice if your guest is a die hard football fan. Close to midfield for great angles to both ends of the field, wider padded seating, in-seat wait service, climate controlled concourse ... the only thing missing is the all-inclusive food and beverage. When possible, opt for rows 1-9 to be in the lower portion of the section (below the entry tunnel found at row 10) where you'll have some of the best views of the field.

If the perks aren't what you're after, try searching for seats right by midfield at the top of the lower seating tier. 50 yard line views are always in high demand as they provide the most equitable all around views when watching a football game, and finding that on the lower level also gives you the excitement of feeling close to the action. Rows 24-28 will put you right at the top of the lower tier, providing great height for watching the game and keeping you within a short walk of all the amenities at the concourse. Sections 101 and 142 are the spots to pick for entertaining a Redskins fan thanks to the closer proximity to the home team sideline, while sections 121 and 122 are the better bet for bringing a visiting team fan.

And while our final spot for impressing your guest at FedEx Field doesn't come with premium bells and whistles or super close proximity, you will still get great views from the comforts of a more relaxed setting. This can be found in the seats near mid field along the 200 level south sideline (sections 201-203 and 240-242). The prime viewing position will earn you some good points with your guest, but the smaller seating sections are what push these over the top and into our list of recommendations. No more than 8 rows of seating allows for easy access to and from, and also creates a smaller, more comfortable environment where you'll be able to carry on a conversation while enjoying the view. Redskins fans will have an added bonus here, as the seats have you perched well for a good view of the near (home team) sideline.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections 1, 2, 3 and more

Very close to the field and the players on the sideline

Special club level with all inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages and in-seat wait service

Some of the very best seats in the stadium

Rows 1-9 in Sections 301, 302, 320 and more

Excellent sight lines near the 50 yard line

Ideal viewing height from the Club Level

Premium amenities include oversized, padded seats and in-seat wait service

Sections 201, 202, 203 and more

Excellent viewing from an ideal height and near midfield

Smaller sections with no more than 6 rows of seating in each

Incredibly easy to move to and from the seats

Rows 24-28 in Sections 101, 121, 122 and more

Close proximity to the field on the lower level

Right by the 50 yard line for excellent all around views!

Excellent seating height and no more than 5 rows down from the entry tunnel is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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