Section 5 is located behind the south endzone, and has 43 rows of seating, running from row 11 in the front, to row 53 in the back. The entry tunnel to Section 5 is located between rows 35 and 36, so for the easiest access to and from the concourse, you will want to find seats in Rows 30-40.

It is important to note that all seating in section 5 is bleacher style so there will be no back support or arm rests, and sections 1-5 are designated seating areas for the visiting team fans ticket allotment. The band will be located in the front portion of sections 9 and 10, a few sections to the east of section 5.

Overall, section 5 will have excellent views of the near south endzone, but will have a more difficult view of the far north endzone. Seats in this section will also be able to see the visiting team sideline with ease, which is why the the seats are designated for the visiting team fans.