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Faurot Field (Memorial Stadium)

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Along the west sideline of Faurot Field, a walkway exists in front of row 54. Sitting in row 53 provides instant access to the concourse without any foot traffic in front of you.

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Sideline seats at Faurot Field contain more than 65 rows of seating. The best seats in these sections tend to be near Rows 30-35, which provide a great height to see the field, and are close to the concourse tunnel (less walking and fewer stairs).

Sections AA-FF, OO-TT and the first 23 rows of GG-NN are reserved for Mizzou students. Fans seeking shade will find that the Press Box offers some relief in Rows 60 and higher of Sections F-O on the west side.

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    September 2 - Missouri State Bears at Missouri Tigers
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