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TIAA Bank Field Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at TIAA Bank Field

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Owing to the recent performance of the team, Jaguars tickets are among the most affordable in the NFL. According to most studies, ticket prices ranked in the bottom five of the league. While fans in Jacksonville would certainly like to see a winner on the field, the recent lack of success has made it easy to find quality seats at a semi-affordable price.

Best Views From the Club Seats

Following a flurry of recent renovations, the best seats at TIAA Bank Field (formerly EverBank Field) are all contained within the club sections on either side of the field. In addition to club amenities, these are the only midfield sections on the two lower levels of the stadium.

Our favorite seats in this area are sections 108-111, 135-138, 208-211 and 235-238. Each of these sections is located between the 25 yardlines and is 20-60 rows off the field. These seats have plenty of elevation for seeing over the players without feeling too removed from the field.

While all club seats have access to a climate-controlled indoor space, sections on the west side (like 108-111) are preferred for being on the less sunny side of the field.

Corner Sections on the 200 Level

Because club sections occupy the sidelines in the 100 and 200 level, the next best place to be is in an elevated corner section. We specifically like 204, 215, 231 and 242 for their comfortable views to midfield. We find that rows G-R in these sections provide the best overall experience. Their elevation helps to see the other side of the field and their position about 8 rows above the section tunnel helps to limit distractions. These seats also have a decent angle towards the videoboards located above the endzones.

Speaking of videoboards, when EverBank (TIAA Bank) Field unveiled their new screens in 2014 there was a lot of excitement about the football-field-sized screens. Each scoreboard is more than 360 feet wide and 60 feet wide. Seemingly, you should be able to see them from anywhere. Unfortunately, the best seats for seeing the screens don't even exist at TIAA Bank Field. The videoboards are located high above the endzones and require a head-turn and/or look up from most seats.

If a comfortable view of the videoscreens is important - and you also want a decent view of the field - consider sections 222-224.

Midfield Seats in the 400 Level

Most football fans want a midfield view, and yet - even with depressed ticket prices - midfield club tickets at most Jaguars games will still set you back a couple hundred dollars. If you're looking for that 50-yardline view, the most affordable place is on the 400 level. In fact, a recent analysis at showed that sections 409-411 and 435-437 are priced 60-80% less expensively than the club seats directly below them. If you don't care about padded seats and indoor club access, these seats offer good value.

Again, because there is virtually no covered or shaded seating at TIAA Bank Field, we encourage fans to sit on the west side of the stadium where the sun sets behind you. This makes sections 409-411 our preferred choice over 435-437. We also recommend sitting in the lowest possible row in these sections. Our analysis also showed that the cost savings of being in a higher row of the 400 level is not worth it, when compared to upper deck seats at other NFL stadiums. Spend a few extra dollars to sit near row A for a better view and easier trips to the concourse.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections 108, 109, 110 and more

Best elevated views of the field from between the 25 yardlines

Club seat benefits allow you to watch the game from a few different perspectives

Some of the closest seats to the field

Sections 222, 223 and 224

Only elevated seats with a head-on view of one of the videoboards

Down-field view allows you to see the game like the QB does

Smaller sections make it easy to get to and from the concourse

Rows G-S in Sections 204, 215, 231 and more

Direct views of midfield from an elevated perspective

Among the most comfortable sitelines among non-club seats

Decent views of the endzone videoboards

Rows A-H in Sections 409, 410 and 411

Only midfield seating that comes without the high price of a club ticket

Within the first eight rows of the section, leading to better views and fewer stairs

The sun will set behind these sections and not into your face is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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