Edward Jones Dome

Edward Jones Dome Lower Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Most sections in this endzone contain a lower portion (rows A-U) which is closer to the field, and an upper portion (rows AA-OO) located above the entry tunnel to the section.

Sections 102 and 129 are the only seating options in this location which do not extend down to the field, containing only the upper rows (AA-OO).

The upper portion provides better views of the entire field from an elevated location, while the lower rows can have you within 20 feet of the back of the endzone. When the action is headed your way, you'll have a great linebacker view of the offense.  - RateYourSeats.com

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Awesome view"

    (Section 128) - -

    These were great seats saw all the action and felt like part of the section family!

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