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Seat Review From Section 145, Row B, Seats 5-7
Aug 2013


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    Shade, cover and concessions!

    Aug 2014

    Section 145, Row T, Seat 4

    Comfort and convenience are what makes these seats really awesome. Gotta go to the bathroom every other inning? Not a problem. Kids demanding another run to the concession stand for more sugar? A breeze. Threat of rain in the forecast? Nothing to worry about. Row T is the last row in Section 145. With that you get 100% coverage from the overhang. No shade, no rain, no beer spilled on your head. You are also right at the concourse. So if you make frequent trips for drinks, food, breaks or just have bad knees, you can really limit your walking. The view of the field is also very good. You can see all of it very comfortably. The only negative is that the overhang will get in your way on pop flys. It doesn't block everything, but when the ball is at its peak, you're probably not seeing it.

    • "Great birds eye view of the action. "

      (Section 114) - -

      Great view, seats have some cushion on them, only 6-8 seats per row (VIP section).

    • "San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers - Aug 4, 2019"

      (Section 125) - -

      Great seats, completely shaded and excellent view of the field.

    • "Love the Loge Level "

      (Section 124) -

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