Dodger Stadium


Seat Review From Lower Reserve 48, Row S, Seat 5
Apr 2015

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    • "Toaster oven"

      (Lower Reserve 40) - -

      Building up a sweat while working out is great, but building up a sweat just sitting in a seat watching a baseball game? Not so much. That is pretty much what you can expect from sitting down near the right field foul pole on the reserve level of the stadium. The occasional breeze that came throu...

    • "Don't sit above the entry tunnel"

      (Reserve 42) - -

      I was curious as to what it might be like to sit just above the entry tunnel to a section. Nobody sitting directly in-front of me so the view must be great, right? Well the that couldn't be more wrong. Mounted above the entry tunnel is an additional guard railing that seemed to be just inches aw...

    • "Bring six pairs of sunglasses"

      (Lower Reserve 60) - -

      And I don't even know if six pairs is enough. You are so blinded by the sun in the late afternoon that you're better off watching the game at home on a non-HDTV. Row A didn't make matters much better. The first row has less legroom and the railing is right in your face. Furthermore, the foul pole wa...

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