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"Section 33 field level row O"

Seat Review From Section 33, Row O, Seats 1,2
Apr 2019


3rd base line, just off net. Mid level so close to action and services both. Sunny spot for day games until about 6th inning.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action

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    Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Dodgers - Aug 22, 2019

    Aug 2019

    Section 33, Row L   Verified Customer

    Great seats surrounded by great Dodger fans!

    • "Absolutely wonderful seats!"

      (Section 1) - -

      Row N is an incredible height to see a game at Dodger Stadium in the lower level. Being 20 or so rows from the field is perfect for seeing the whole field. Section 1 is directly behind the dugout, so you know the view is going to be fantastic. These are no exception. I actually liked these a litt...

    • "Excellent views of the infield!"

      (Section 16) - -

      If you're sitting in these seats, put an extra layer of sunscreen on the right side of your body. It gets hot and bright! The seats are really close to homeplate and views of the batter and pitcher might not get any better. But the seats are unnecessarily angled towards homeplate. This means turn...

    • "Amazing Front Row Seats and View - Gourmet Food Included"

      (Section 35) - -

      Front row and unobstructed by net like the Dugout seats are. Unlimited gourmet food and non-alcoholic beverage, in seat wait service, shelf for "stuff" and widest seats in stadium! Players warm up directly in front, and give you autographs!!

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