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"Blocked from the batters box"

Seat Review From Reserve 14, Row CC, Seat 1
Sep 2014


My seat was in the upper portion of the Reserved level, which looks far away on the seating chart, but the view didn't feel as distant as I was expecting. The seats face nicely towards the pitchers mound, but being on the aisle I had to contend with the taller guard railing located at the bottom of the aisle, and it couldn't have been in a worse spot. The railing was perfectly positioned to destroy my view of the batters box, making me wish I had opted for seats further into the row rather than on the aisle.
Being close to the Top Deck seating sections above provided some good protection from the sun in the late afternoon, and didn't interfere with my view at all. Very close to the entry tunnel with the restrooms and concessions close by, so trips to and from the concourse were easy and quick. The seats were almost perfect for being so high up in the stadium, but the railing really ruined the experience.

Best for... fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Not bad for being at the top"

      (Infield Reserve 21) - -

      Given their price, these seats might be about the best value in the stadium. You can see the whole field no problem. The scoreboards are easy to see and the railings don't get in the way at all. You also have the sun at your back and you have A LOT fewer stairs to walk than someone sitting in Row A....

    • "Shaded seats"

      (Reserve 17) - -

      The view was shaded and what I expected for the price. I'll be buying future tickets from Rate Your Seats.

    • "The view is good, but not remotely shady"

      (Lower Reserve 31) - -

      For a 1:00 game they were in direct sun the whole time.

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