Dodger Stadium

"Impressive Reserve level, but watch out for sun"

Seat Review From Infield Reserve 16, Row D, Seat 14
Sep 2014


Considering my seats were on the second highest seating tier at Dodger Stadium, the views were very impressive from where I was sitting. In Row D it was just 4 rows from the front of the section, and in Seat 14 I was 5 seats in off the at the right side of the section. My seat had me pointed directly in between the pitchers mound and home plate, which allowed me to just watch straight ahead without turning my head significantly in either direction. The guard railing at the front of the section is only an issue for viewing the right field corner, but otherwise these seats have a great height to clearly down to the field.
One warning I would issue however is to be prepared for a lot of sun in these seats. I was there during a late afternoon and found myself very jealous of the fans on the third base side who looked pretty comfortable in the shade. But if you're not afraid of some California sun and brought your sunscreen to the ballpark, these seats are a great choice at a lower price range.

Best for... fans on a budget

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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