Dodger Stadium

"Avoid the aisle seats here"

Seat Review From Infield Reserve 5, Row B, Seat 19
Sep 2014


At Row B I was just the second row from the front of the section, and was seated on the left aisle. Aisle seats are usually my preference as it gives me quick and easy access going to and from, but these aisle seats put you in a difficult place to watch the game due to the guard railing at the bottom of the walkway. There is a taller portion of the guard railing located at the very bottom of the steps, which comes into the field of vision starting between shortstop and third base. It could have been much worse had the railing obstructed my view of the pitchers mound or batters box, but it was still annoying and frustrating none the less. Especially frustrating when you realize that without that railing stepping into the field of view, these seats would have an amazing upper level view for a Dodgers game!
Legroom was OK for an upper level seat, and was glad to not be in the front row where leg room appeared to be almost non-existent. As crazy as it sounds, I would have traded my aisle seat for a middle seat just to get a clear view of the field from that perspective.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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