Dodger Stadium

"Close to the field, view just OK"

Seat Review From Section 34, Row D, Seat 4
Aug 2014


Row D in Section 34 is more like row 10 because there are seats in front of row A. But they feel really, really close to the field.

Tons of foul balls coming in this direction. And only 8 seats in a row, so you won't have to fight too many people to catch one.

But the view is just OK. The angle to the field is very poor, so you're looking to your left to see homeplate. Views of the scoreboard and outfield are very good though.

I still like the loge level better. Being close to the field is great for impressing someone, but seeing the whole field is easier from higher rows.

Best for... being close to the action, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult, you do not want a sun burn

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    Good view of the game. Really close to first base!

    May 2013

    Section 34

    • "Really close to the field"

      (Section 7) - -

      There were a lot of great things about these seats. They're incredibly close to the field, there are only 8 seats in the row, there's extra legroom in Row A and there's even a small ledge to put stuff on in front of the row (no cupholder for some reason). Sun is behind you so late afternoon and e...

    • "Sit with the stars (OK, right behind them at least)!"

      (Section 10) - -

      Awesome seats with a crazy cool view down the third base line. Row B is about the actual 10th row, but you are really low to the field which gives you the impression of being a lot closer. The really, really expensive seats are right in front of you. And while you can't get down there, you get the s...

    • "Great view of the field and all the action from the home team side"

      (Section 19) - -

      close to the field, between 3rd base and home plate by the home team dugout. it was awesome

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