Dodger Stadium

"So-so and sunny"

Seat Review From Section 48, Row L, Seat 15
Aug 2014


Kinda cool to be behind the foul pole. If you caught a ball, it would be just a long strike. Sun is kinda tough early on, so make sure you have your sun-block on.

Angle of the seats to the field is pretty good, but I kept finding myself turning my head back and forth between the videoboards and the field.

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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    Super sunny!

    Aug 2014

    Section 48, Row T, Seat 15

    Not a bad view of the field. Awesome views of the right-fielder (think Puig) and the RF warning track. Row T is actually covered from above. So if it's running you're in good shape. But despite being covered, they're not shaded in the afternoon, so you have to be careful. Close to the concourse, which is good for getting food and drink quick. But there were also a lot of people standing behind these seats, which gets a bit annoying. Not a huge deal, but it was noticeable.

    • "I enjoyed my seats"

      (Section 45) - -

      It took 30 minutes to get to my seats once we entered the parking lot and 1 hour to exit after the game. We literally sat for 50 minutes without moving an inch--people beside us got out of their car and started playing football until we started moving. Based on that, I would not consider returning...

    • "Great deal!"

      (Section 44) - -

      We only paid $15 per seat when we purchased through RateYourSeats, with the actual face value of $48 per seat!

    • "Didn't really like these seats"

      (Section 44) - -

      Perfect if you like staring into the sun and cramps in your neck. I din't really care for these seats at all. You stare straight at the left field videoboard and not the field. And you're forced to look back into the sun to see home plate. If Puig is your favorite player and that's all you want t...

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