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"Ultra-convenient and better than expected!"

Seat Review From Section 168, Row V, Seat 3
Aug 2014


You're not sitting here because you think you're getting the best view of the field or you're catching a ball. You're simply too far away. But if you're looking for some cheap loge tickets that are close to everything, look no further.

Row V is the last row in the last section of the Loge. While everyone else around you will be covering their eyes and peeling their sunburn tomorrow, you can sit back in your covered seats and enjoy being in the shade and 20 degrees cooler than everyone else. Then you can walk up one step and grab a beer. Three innings later you can walk up one step and relieve yourself of that beer.

Seriously, bathrooms and restrooms are so close that they make you forget how far you are from home plate.

Best for... bringing the family, partying/socializing, being in the shade

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    Cool view down the line, but sunny!

    Aug 2014

    Section 168, Row A, Seat 2

    Section 168 is the last section down the right field line on the loge level. Row A is the first row in the section. These seats had a cool view right down the first base line and were perfect for seeing balls hit into right field. You also have the visiting team bullpen right below, which adds a cool factor. The foul pole is just to your left and not a distraction. And you have no problems seeing over the first row railing. The big issue; however, is the sun. These seats are in the sun all afternoon and at about 6:00 you are completely blinded. For games in June and July the blinding sun is probably bad at 7:00 and even later. Besides for the sun, I'd avoid these seats if you don't like when it's too loud. One of the center field speakers is right at these seats. In addition, you're close to RF Plaza, which can get pretty loud. Concessions and restrooms are right at the top of the section, which is about 20 rows up.

    Seat 8 not an aisle seat

    Section 168

    Seat 1 is on the left aisle, and seat 8 is on the right end. But seat 8 runs up against the fence so it is not a true aisle seat.

    • "Small"

      (Section 160) - -

      Great view of the field and game. However, seats are not made for people with wide hips or long legs.

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      (Section 157) -
    • "Convenient seats"

      (Section 159) - -

      Close to everything, especially if you have kids.

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