Dodger Stadium

"Pretty good view"

Seat Review From Infield Reserve 10, Row K, Seats 19-20
Apr 2016

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    • "San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers - Aug 4, 2019"

      (Infield Reserve 21) - -

      The seats were in the shade the whole game on a 85 degree day!

    • "The view is good, but not remotely shady"

      (Lower Reserve 31) - -

      For a 1:00 game they were in direct sun the whole time.

    • "Not bad for being at the top"

      (Infield Reserve 21) - -

      Given their price, these seats might be about the best value in the stadium. You can see the whole field no problem. The scoreboards are easy to see and the railings don't get in the way at all. You also have the sun at your back and you have A LOT fewer stairs to walk than someone sitting in Row A....

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