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Dodger Stadium Loge Level Down the Line Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The second seating tier at Dodger Stadium, also known as the Loge Level, is an excellent place to be for watching a baseball game. Elevated seating height provides clear views to all areas of the action, but for a second tier these seats still seem close to the field. Further from home plate than the Infield Loge options, these seats are the best place to find cheaper Loge tickets for a Dodgers game.

Fans in the front rows of these section might see a foul ball or two, while those near the back rows will enjoy good overhead coverage and shade provided by the seating deck above. Unique bullpen views can be found in Section 167 (Dodgers) and Section 168 (Visitors) where you'll be able to look down at the relievers warming up for a potential appearance.

Sections here have 10 or less seats per row, making it an easy trip in and out of your seats to get to the aisle.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Sunny and bigger than most loge sections"

      (Section 160) - -

      Most loge sections are 8 or so seats wide. This row had 18 seats, which meant that seat 10 was almost smack in the middle. The seats are slightly angled towards home plate, providing a decent view - though far down the line (you're just about even with the foul pole). Good views of the scoreboard in...

    • "Small"

      (Section 160) - -

      Great view of the field and game. However, seats are not made for people with wide hips or long legs.

    • "Ultra-convenient and better than expected!"

      (Section 168) - -

      You're not sitting here because you think you're getting the best view of the field or you're catching a ball. You're simply too far away. But if you're looking for some cheap loge tickets that are close to everything, look no further. Row V is the last row in the last section of the Loge. While ...

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