DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium

DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium Upper Level Sideline


Sitting Here for a Football Game

From the highest and furthest seating tier, the Upper Level Sideline sections will have distant views of the action but are a great place to find cheap tickets near midfield.

Sections on the upper level west sideline are large with 54 numbered rows of seating and only a single entry tunnel for each section located near Row 18. While bigger and potentially further from the action, these seats will have one small advantage in getting the sun at their back sooner during a day game.

On the east sideline on the upper seating tier, the sections are significantly smaller featuring no more than 24 rows of seating in each section. Rows 1-5 are located in the lower portion of these sections, offer better views and closer access to the entry tunnels than most the seating rows in the higher portion of the section. Fans here will have easier walks to and from the seats, but will also see much more sun throughout the day. The upper portions of Sections 127-132 and designated seating areas for Texas students.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Full field view, not so detailed."

    (Section 108) - -

    Seat were great for being what some would call nose bleeder seat (just a few seats down from the very top). You could still see what was going on but not in full detail. (in their defense they did provide a very large screen for us cheapo seaters)

  • "Great view of the entire field"

    (Section 104) - -

    everthing was good

  • "Excellent view"

    (Section 101) - is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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