DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium

DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium Lower Level Sideline


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Along the sidelines on the lowest level of the stadium, seats here are some of the best in the stadium for watching a Texas Longhorns football game.

On the west sideline, fans can find chairback seating in Sections 3-6 (Rows 6 & higher) and will also have some decent areas for overhead coverage and protection from the sun in the back rows of Sections 2-8. West sideline sections are very large with up to 84 numbered rows of seating, and entry tunnels are located near Rows 23 and 58.

The east sideline is occupied mostly by Texas student seating (found in sections 25-27, the north half of section 28, and in the upper rows of Section 32). Unlike the west sideline, there is no chairback seating here and fans will not have much protection from the sun during day games. Sections on the east lower level sideline are also very large with up to 80 numbered rows of seating and entry tunnels near Rows 23 and 58.

The only lower level visitor seating can be found in Section 32 at the south east corner. Rows 51 and lower are designated for visiting team fans, while Rows 52 and higher will be occupied by Texas students.  -

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  • "Great seats around the 30 yard line"

    (Section 6) - -

    Great seats. Right in the middle in the action around the 30 yard line. Would sit again. Row was a little wider as it was next to entry. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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