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Coors Field Lower Level Outfield Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Lower Level Outfield seating is located just behind the outfield walls in right, left, and left-center field. While most of the seats are exposed to a good amount of sun for most day games, they are also the best place to sit at Coors Field to catch a home run ball.

There are just 14 rows of seating in the right field sections which also have some coverage in the back few rows, while the left field sections contain as many as 23 rows of seating and will have no overhead protection to speak of.

Section 105 is a good option for Rockies fans as it is located directly beside the home team bullpen.  -

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    • "Milwaukee Brewers at Colorado Rockies - Sep 29, 2019"

      (Section 107) - -

      The seat were great. Very enjoyable being that close to the game.

    • "The Rockies Bullpen is to the Right of Section 105"


      Sit on the right side of Section 105 (closer to seat 1) to be near the Rockies bullpen.

    • "Want a home run ball? Sit in Section 152."


      Players routinely deposit balls into the bleachers in left field and if you sit close to the foul pole you have a good chance to get one of your own.

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