Bankers Life Fieldhouse

"Probably rather sit in a slightly higher row"

Seat Review From Section 223, Row 1
Oct 2014


These seats are really polarizing. On the one hand, you have basketball's best videoboard at eye-level, you have a ledge for drinks or a phone and you're in the first row. On the other hand, your view is completely through the glass. It was clean on this nite (it was the first pre-season game), but it's still really annoying.

Another item on the negative list is that, in general, the seats in the balcony are incredibly high up there. It's a good thing it's a basketball-only arena because if they played hockey here, you'd never be able to see the puck. I felt it was high in Row 1. Can you imagine being in Row 10 or 20? The lower level is so beautifully close to the court, but the Balcony is a major disappointment.

If you are sitting in the Balcony, I think I'd go with Row 4. The concourse tunnel is right there and you're above the glass.

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Favorite Seats: 223, Row 1, Seat 15-16

Section 223, Row 1, Seats 15-16

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    We were 1 row from the top but we still loved the seats. You can see everything just fine and also it is a great way to see the plays develop. These seats would not be for you if you can't climb stairs very easy. I would use these seats again to watch anything at this place. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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