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The balcony at a Pacers game is one of the largest and steepest in the NBA. They give true meaning to the word nosebleeds. Sit in a lower row for a better view of the court, shorter walks and a head-on view of the impressive jumbotron.

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If you don't mind the less than ideal viewing angle from behind the basket, the Balcony Baseline sections will have some redeeming qualities which can vault them into consideration if you're looking for tickets on a budget.

To start, seats here are consistently some of the most affordable on the upper tier Balcony level. You'll also have a comfortable straight ahead view that requires no head turns to follow the game. But the one aspect which stands out the most is the small seating sections. With no more than 11 rows of seating and entry tunnels at Row 3, the walks to and from the seats will be far easier for fans here as opposed to those in the higher rows of Balcony Center and Corner sections.


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  • Section 232, Row 1
    100/100 Deal Rating
    January 16 - New Orleans Pelicans at Indiana Pacers
  • Section 201, Row 7
    100/100 Deal Rating
    November 27 - Los Angeles Clippers at Indiana Pacers
  • Section 218, Row 2
    100/100 Deal Rating
    November 1 - Los Angeles Lakers at Indiana Pacers
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