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last row
The last row in the very steep and very large balcony. This picture is taken at the top of one of the corner sections.
You may want to avoid the last three or so rows in the balcony corners. Some seats are only accessible on one side of the section or by stepping up onto a concrete landing.

About These Seats

Balcony level corner sections vary in size depending on where your section is located. Those closer to center court will be significantly larger (up to 23 rows), while the sections closer to the basket will be as small as just 12 rows.

The larger sections (206, 211, 222, and 227) is where you'll find some of our least favorite seats for watching a game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The back rows have some of the furthest views in the house, and the seats closer to center court have a poor angle which has you facing straight ahead rather than at the center of the floor.

Your best options from the Balcony Corners will be Sections 203 and 204, which have a smaller set of rows for easier access, and a good line of sight to the Pacers bench.

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  • Whatever you do, don't sit in section 221.

    Nobody cheers & I mean nobody. (At least during the games I've sat up there)

  • These seats were in the last row of the stadium. To get to these seats, you either had to step up on a 3-foot concrete s...

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