Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Bankers Life Fieldhouse Lower Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Lower level sections behind the baselines are another seating option where you will have a noticeably different experience depending on which end of the arena you are sitting.

At the south baseline, Sections 9-12 have a more traditional layout with the seating rows extending only as far back as most other sections in the lower seating bowl. With a tunnel at the front of Section 11 and a media area at the back, the only seats which put you directly behind the basket (where the views are most difficult) are Seats 9-14 in Rows 14-16.

On the opposite end of the court, the north baseline lower level sections are some of the largest in the arena as they begin at the court and extend as high and far as the bottom of the upper deck (Balcony) sections. Seating rows run from 1 to 35, with entry tunnels located just above Row 25. Seats in Rows 26 and higher (also known as the FedEx Fan Zone) will feel as if they are on a separate seating tier, with viewing heights comparable to those found on the Club level.

For those sitting in Rows 1-7 during a Pacers game, you will also have premium access to the Courtside Club Lounge, offering upscale food and beverage options, views of the players as they take the court, and multiple television monitors.  -

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